Key To Life

September 20, 2011 in Running

When I was 12 years old I ran on the school track team and participated in both long distance and sprinting events. I enjoyed it because running as a sport was new to me and I was good at it. At 22 I played team sports but rarely did I run for the sake of running and when I did, it was mostly to make up for the numerous late-night after clubbing encounters with Burger King, Denny’s, and Chinese Food. And now at 32, running has become my BFF; it’s always there for me even though I may not always be there for it. Running has been my saving grace in trying to keep some semblance of fitness in my life. For me, it has been the easiest way to stay active while managing the demands of work and family life. I love the fact that I can do it anytime, anywhere, alone or with someone else. And I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish a run.

Here are some other reasons why I love running.

Time to myself: With two very young kids, alone time is a rare commodity these days. Dawn and I love our kids to pieces and we also love spending time with each other. Having said that, I mustn’t understate how we also value our time alone. Luckily, running is something we both enjoy and it’s easy for us to support each other in this regard. If she feels like going for a run, then I’ll gladly take the kids and she can have her time. She does the same for me. It’s a great way for both of us to keep active while giving each other a break from the kids and from each other.

Costs nothing and requires very little in gear & equipment: All you need are the shoes on your feet and the clothes on your back and you’re good to go.

Customization: I can make a run session as long or as short as I need, depending on how much time I have or how I’m feeling that day. Short runs on the weekdays and longer runs on the weekends is my thing.

Ultra-portable: I can take running anywhere and everywhere with me.

Music: I rarely have time to listen to music and running gives me a great excuse to load up my iPod with old school favourites or catch up with the new stuff the kids are listening to. Party rock!

Outdoors: I prefer to run outside rather than on a treadmill; just my preference. I love that I can run everywhere, on the trails in the woods, on the streets around the neighbourhood, in the city a midst the concrete jungle, in the sun or in the rain. It’s all good as long as it’s outdoors.

The High: I don’t reach it every time but when I get the runner’s high, I feel almost weightless. I love it.

Mental training: As much as running is a physical activity, it’s just as much, or arguably even more so a mental activity. To conquer the self-defeating voice in your head that tells you you’re too tired or you can’t do it anymore is simply empowering. Will Smith explains it here in the video below.

Running is one of the “keys to life.” The other is, well, you’re doing it right now…thanks for Reading.