Golden Ears Park & Ride

July 29, 2013 in biking, Exercise, Outdoor Activity


The ride to Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge, B.C. was long and enjoyable. I started my ride from Mundy Park in Coquitlam and stopped briefly in Pitt Meadows to meet up and continue the ride with my good friend, Reggie, who started his ride from Langley. I had never cycled out this way before and having already made a couple of mistakes on my route to meeting him it was nice to have someone there to bike the route with.

My first blunder on this trip was not having a current cycling map. I’ve been carrying around a very outdated one (>10 years) which obviously doesn’t show where the new bike lanes, streets and bridges are. This led to my second little blunder on this ride which was on the Pitt River Bridge as I failed to recognize that there was a very nice and completely separate bike lane on the north side of the bridge. I didn’t realize it existed until I saw it while riding along the shoulder lane on the other (south) side of the bridge. Riding eastbound on this side was a bit unnerving as vehicles, especially big trucks, would get really close and the shoulder lane had a lot of rocks and debris so I was trying to avoid traffic on one side and road debris on the other. Not fun. At least now I knew I had a safe lane to bike across on the return trip back.

I have an older phone that doesn’t run the latest apps which I imagine would have been useful for finding proper bike routes and lanes. I find the new Google Maps to be quite good for cycling routes and there are probably a lot of other cycling route map apps out there too. If you know of a good one, please post it in the comments below.

Once I met up with Reg and we figured out our way, the rest of the ride was very enjoyable. Riding along the roads of Ridge Meadows towards Golden Ears Provincial Park, I began to realize how much of an equestrian community the area is, with horse crossings pretty much on every road we took and a couple of horse riding clubs/associations along the way. Once we got past all the farm land we made our way on to Fern Crescent which is the road that leads into Golden Ears Park. I really enjoyed this portion of the ride with its undulating roads and it was cool having the trees shelter us from the sun’s unforgiving heat.

We didn’t take the same route back as we found some new(er) roads and bike routes (not on my map) on the return trip . We also made a pit stop to refuel with a late breakfast at the Wedge Bar & Grill at the Meadow Gardens Golf Club before we went our separate ways back home.

And yes, I took the proper bike lane back over the Pitt River bridge.