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June 10, 2013 in biking, Events, Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Parenthood, Race, Running

We participated in the SunRype TriKids Triathlon this past weekend with Malaya swimming, biking, and running to a successful finish. The experience was fantastic and very memorable. Words can not describe how proud we are of our 4 year old daughter for the effort she put forth. We could also tell that Malaya felt a sense of accomplishment for her hard work and it was so heartwarming to witness. She didn’t say it but you could see it and feel it in the energy she was emitting after the race. The most gratifying part of the event for Dawn and I was not watching Malaya swim, bike, or run, it was seeing the smile on her face at the end. For her to feel good about herself for accomplishing something she worked so hard for was the ultimate prize. It didn’t matter if she was the fastest, or if she came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last in this race; there was none of that kind of win-at-all-cost competitiveness at this event, at least not from our perspective. Our experience with this race was such that the focus was on each kid doing their best and having fun. Mission accomplished.

At the end of the day, when you ask Malaya how it was, she says it was fun. Which part was the most fun? “All of it!” Here’s a short video of Malaya’s experience in her first ever triathlon.

We have to give credit to the organizers of this event for creating a safe race environment for all the athletes and spectators. The event was so well organized, from registration, to pre-race orientation, race package pick-up, and race day execution. These guys did a terrific job and it has been one of the best organized events we’ve taken part in.

For more info on the SunRype TriKids Triathlon Series, visit their website and check out any upcoming races in your area.


Marathons & Marriage

September 26, 2012 in Events, Race, Running

Lululemon Seawheeze Half-marathon Vancouver

Malaya & I cheering on runners at the lululemon seawheeze half-marathon.

By the way, did we mention that infrequent blog posts is going to be a regular thing here?

Summer arrived late but we’ve had a fantastic stretch of summer from July onwards and with the nice weather, it’s kind of strange that I have not been running much at all. Yes, we’ve been busy with other commitments and have spent a lot of time playing with the kids outdoors thanks to all the extra daylight but sometimes it’s not a matter of finding the time and it becomes a matter of finding the motivation.

We’re all motivated and inspired by different things and I would love to know what fuels your fire, so please share and post in the comments.

My latest little source of inspiration comes from the lululemon Seawheeze half marathon. Lululemon put on their inaugural Seawheeze half marathon in Vancouver on August 11th and although we didn’t sign up for this race, Dawn and I brought the kids down to cheer on the runners. Our very own ampleant was running her first ever race so we wanted to be there to cheer her on.

We planted ourselves close to the finish line to watch the participants endure the last stretch of the race. Watching the runners go by was definitely inspiring and made me want to start running again. There were runners who finished really strong and looked like they were good to go for another 21km. “I wanna be like them.” I thought to myself as I pictured myself running my next race with the same speed, energy and vigour. And then there were runners who looked like they were gonna pass out and not gonna make it. One runner even stopped in front of us, hunched over and gagging as if she was going to show us last night’s dinner. It may not have been pretty but the effort was inspiring and the fact the she managed to get herself to finish the race was awesome.

It was definitely a thrill to watch people cross the finish line and it was inspiring to watch people achieve what they set out to do. I recommend you do this if you’re needing a little motivation and inspiration. Check out the video and look at how much fun it can be to cheer people on.

Congratulations to all the runners, our ampleant, and an extra special congratulations to our friend Arlyn & her now husband Ellery who got married on the spot after finishing their run. This couple had arranged to have their wedding ceremony performed right at Jack Poole plaza by the Olympic cauldron where the racers gathered after the run – what a unique and fantastic idea this was! You can see them in the video at 3:14. “May your hearts beat together in marriage and in marathons.” Lovely.

Ps. Arlyn also makes stuff sometimes.


‘Tis The Season

May 16, 2012 in biking, Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Running

It’s been a very busy spring thus far and race season is definitely underway. We have always enjoyed participating in organized events as a fun way to commit, work and train towards a goal. We also like to get the kids involved, one way or another, whenever we can. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to lately.

Sun Run 2012 T-ShirtVancouver Sun Run 10K, April 15
When Dawn and I signed up to do the Vancouver Sun Run this year, we both set out to accomplish new personal bests and with each others support and a little help from an Ample Ant (Aunt) who watched and waited with the kids at the finish, we managed to pull it off! The Sun Run organizers do a really good job of making this a family friendly event as there is a Kids Zone set up in BC Place that provides plenty of kids activities and entertainment. If you have kids that want in on the run action or if you would like to do a shorter run with the family, there is a 2.5K Mini Sun Run that starts before the 10K Sun Run and it looks like a fun run for the whole family. We’ve never done it ourselves but perhaps it’s something to consider for the future. If you’ve done the Mini Sun Run with your family, we’d love to know how it went.

Suburban Rush Kids Race, April 28
Suburban Rush is an off-road, trail running and mountain biking adventure race with mystery challenges along the way. Dawn and I opted out of this race and decided instead to register and fully support Malaya in her first kids bike race which was also part of the event. The Kids Race for ages 3-7 years was bike-only and, depending on the age group, covers a short 500m-1km loop with challenges along the way (i.e. a bean bag toss). With Malaya’s new found love for biking, we signed her up for this non-competitive event and she had a blast! I know she looks a little nervous in the photo above but that’s just her intensely listening to the race instructions being given out. At the end, each kid received a participant ribbon and a chocolate chip cookie!

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon, May 6
This was Dawn’s first and my third go at the BMO Half Marathon. A 7:00AM start made this a little too early for us to wake up the kids and bring them to the event. Thanks again to The Ample Ant (Aunt) who watched our girls while we ran. Unless they’re running the race with you, there are definitely other ways to get the kids involved; like cheering the runners on from the sidelines! One of the most uplifting things about this race were all the people that came out to cheer and support the runners along the route. It’s amazing how cheers of encouragement can give you an extra boost to keep going.

Spartan Wall ClimbSpartan Sprint, May 12
The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race comprised of mud runs, obstacles, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges all in one. Dawn did this one on her own as the kids and I cheered her on from the start to the finish line. The event organizers also held a kids race (ages 4-13) as a component of this event and it is a much tamer and cleaner version of the adult race. Our kids are still too young to participate but I watched the older kids race and it looked like a lot of fun. They were divided by age groups and completed 0.5 -1 miles of small obstacles.

Next up:

The Rush, June 23
The Rush is an urban adventure race and scavenger hunt where teams of two scour the streets of Vancouver (and beyond) to find clues, reach checkpoints and complete challenges. It’s a one-day amazing race style challenge and fundraiser event for the B.C. Lung Association. We highly encourage you to join us for this event. The grand prize is a trip for two around the world! Register now.

Are you participating in an a race or special event this summer? We’d love to hear about it. Post in the comments and we might just join you!