BC Powerlifting Association 2016 Provincials

June 26, 2016 in Events

Everytime I move today is a sweet reminder of yesterday’s events at the BC powerlifting championships. I hit seven of nine lifts. I squatted 253 lbs on my 3rd attempt for a 22 lbs meet PR. Then for the deadlift, I had a relatively easy time with my first two attempts (264 lbs and 292 lbs), and so instead of going for 303lbs, I opted to leave my comfort zone and went for 308 lbs. Even though the lift didn’t count, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I gave it everything I had and although it wasn’t pretty, I managed to get it off the ground and lock out. I loved that feeling and nothing can take that away. Still on a high from that pull. As icing on the cake, I placed 2nd in my weight category (63kg) and came out with a higher Wilks score than my first meet in November 2015. Thank you to all the judges, volunteers, and Gabe and Bette Festing, for a very memorable experience.

Congrats to all the incredible athletes that gave it their all. Also a big hug and thanks to my bro Free Fitness for helping me prepare and for my kineticfamily for being my biggest supporters.