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A Special Ride

September 4, 2014 in biking, Exercise, Outdoor Activity

My bike ride tonight was a little different than usual and included a special message carved out through the city using my GPS bike computer. It’s my beautiful wife’s birthday this week and I dedicated this ride to her. Always so giving, always so supportive, always in my heart. Happy Birthday Dawn!

Happy B Day ride

Captured with Garmin Edge 300 GPS cycling computer.

About the ride: I plotted my route on a paper print out of a map I had with me on the ride but I had my doubts about whether I could actually pull this off given the limited time that I had and whether it would look clear enough to read. The one thing I had going for me was the weather which was absolutely brilliant today in Vancouver. You can see that I turned my GPS on just before crossing the Burrard Street bridge which, in hindsight, I probably should have kept off until I got to Trafalgar and 4th Ave. There were certain points where I got a little disoriented and went a bit off track (just before the Y, the inner part of the B, and the D – A – Y were supposed to be a little bigger but I was starting to run out of time to get to an appointment at Hemlock and Broadway which is about where I stopped my GPS. All in all I thought it worked out well and definitely all worth it!

Happy Birthday Dawn!


35, Hidden Tribes, Astronauts, and Family

April 17, 2014 in Events

I happily celebrated my birthday today and I am thankful for that. At 35, I am starting a habit of being grateful for things every single day. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be different every day and I am making a conscious effort to do it routinely every morning to appreciate what I may have otherwise taken for granted.

I am extremely lucky to wake up every morning to my wife and our two little ladies. Today I was greeted with these homemade birthday cards from my little artists.

Homemade DIY Birthday Card




I finished reading a great book today: Born To Run, by Christopher McDougall. It was a great read, enlightening me on the Tarahumara people, ultra running, and the potential benefits of minimalist or barefoot running. It is well written, interesting, and inspiring, whether you are a runner or not. I am a year older and entering a new age category in the Vancouver Sun Run this year but this book makes me feel like I can run forever.


I had the privilege of spending the afternoon hanging out with retired Canadian Astronaut and the first Canadian to ever walk in space, Col. Chris Hadfield, and I asked him questions about how he prepares physically before, during, and after a space walk. He even said ‘hello’ to my daughter 🙂 This man is amazing and to have been able to spend a part of my day with him was a real honour.


Malaya is also big fan of Col. Chris Hadfield and together we have watched many of his Youtube videos. To her, he is like a real-life Buzz Lightyear and I told him that. I bought her his book which I will one day present to her as a gift when she is old enough to read and appreciate it. Col. Chris Hadfield was very kind to sign it for her.


Finally (wouldn’t want it any other way), I got to cap off my day with the people I love – my big, loud, and party-loving family. A family dinner out at Little Ongpin restaurant. I wasn’t a big fan of Filipino restaurants until I ate here. Best tasting Filipino food next to mom’s cookin’.

Kinetic Family at Little Ongpin Restaurant

There is so much to be grateful for. A birthday to remember.

Thanks for all the love.



Birthday Parties

February 4, 2012 in Exercise

Kids, food, gifts, toys, games, cake & exercise! Who doesn’t love birthday parties? Birthdays can be a lot of fun, and yes, exercise too. Our 3 year old daughter, Malaya, has been fortunate enough to have been invited to several birthday parties over the past year and most recently attended one that was hosted at a community centre gymnasium. Games were led by an activity leader staffed by the centre and the kids had a lot of fun.

I thought it was also a great way to promote physical activity for the kids. The structured environment gave the kids an opportunity to practice listening to and following instructions given by the activity leader while playing cooperatively with the other kids. The gym provided plenty of room to run around and expend the kind of energy that only little kids seem to have.

Malaya and all the other kids certainly got their share of exercise that day.

A Happy Birthday shout out to Kaiya who turned 5 years old this year and to her parents for putting on a great party for the kids (and adults too).

Malaya and Kaiya smiling

Malaya and Kaiya celebrating Kaiya's 5th Birthday!

Here are some photos from some other fun and exercise infused birthday parties we’ve attended this past year.

Gymnastics Birthday Party

Kaitlyn's 3rd Birthday at the Gymnastics Gym


Colourful parachute at a birthday party

The colourful parachute is fun for any occasion.


Birthday Party Bouncy Castle

Brea's 3rd Birthday at the Community Centre Multi-Purpose Room

Birthday Party at Dance Studio for Bollywood Lesson

Dawn's 30th Birthday at iDance Studios

Have you been to or hosted a party that required you and your guests to be active? Post your experiences or ideas in the comments. Malaya’s birthday is only 6 months away!


Bolly good time!

September 5, 2011 in Dancing

I celebrated my 30th birthday this weekend in style….Bollywood style.  My sisters and friends gathered at iDance Studios in Vancouver to join me for a 1 hour private group lesson. The instructor was energetic and she taught us a fantastic Bollywood routine during the hour. We screwed in some light bulbs, and performed high energy movements that were fairly fast paced and kept our heart rates up. Malaya even joined us for most of the lesson, while Jerrick watched Mahal and took pictures and video footage of this memorable experience.

Why Bollywood? Well, I’ve never danced this particular genre and while growing up, dancing was one of my favourite activities. Up until this weekend, it had been at least 10 years since I had taken a dance class (besides some Salsa dance classes that I had taken with Jerrick a few years ago), so I figured there would be no better time than the present to do this.

Did I ever enjoy myself! It felt great to work up a sweat, while getting in some good laughs with good company.

It wasn’t until this Bollywood class did I realize how much I miss the release that I get from dancing. Dancing is something I hope to incorporate more of into my future fitness regime and it’s a love that I hope to pass on to our kids as well. Below is a video that Jerrick created to sum up our time. Enjoy!