A Family Affair

July 26, 2011 in Running

This past weekend was an exciting weekend for 14 reasons. 14 family members (including myself) completed the Peninsula Runners 5km run in Fort Langley, B.C.  For most of them, this was their first race. In our group, fitness levels ranged from mostly walkers, as well as a combination of walkers/runners.  For some of them, they had never even walked a distance of 5km continuously, until they started training for this event.

Details in preparation for the event:

Who: Me, 2 nephews, 3 nieces, 4 sister-in-laws, 2 brother -in-laws, one cousin and my sister-in-law’s niece. Ages ranged from 11 years to 55 years. Jerrick babysat during the training sessions, and Malaya was the water girl. My 78 year-old mom-in-law joined us for training and was able to walk the distances in a reasonable pace! She’s our hero!

What: I volunteered to train our family as a group in preparation for race day. In no particular order, training consisted of walking, walk/run intervals, stretching, strengthening exercises, and proper warm-ups and cool-downs.

When and where: We met every Tuesday for approximately 12 weeks. We started training at a local high school track and once we got some mileage and conditioning under our belts, we hit the pavement to better simulate race conditions. As it was challenging for everyone to commit to training as a group for more than 1 day a week, it was agreed that everyone would train independently 2 times weekly, in addition to our Tuesday training.

Why: It was a great way to see each other more often and support each other in achieving our personal goals. It was also a great excuse to spend more time outdoors during the summer months.

The greatest challenge during the 12 weeks of training was getting everyone (including myself) to commit to training independently during the week, outside of our group session on Tuesdays. But really, I understand the challenges of committing to an independent training schedule, when you have other priorities and when you don’t have that somebody to hold you accountable. I can only count on one hand, the number of times I trained independently during the 12 weeks for the run. My reasons for not training were weak. Laziness prevailed, but at least I had the Tuesday sessions to fall back on, as well as a 2 year old and a crawling 9 month old to run around after most of my days. That counts as training, right? Yeah, right. Despite my lack of training, I felt great during the run. Seeing family cheer me on along the route was hugely motivating. The weather was awesome and the race was well-organized. For race results, see: http://www.winningtime.ca/11/11ftlangley/oall5.txt.

What would I do differently next time?  I would continue to have the group meet once weekly to train, but then break the group up into groups of 3 to 4 people, who have similar schedules to train together as a smaller group during the week. That way, everyone will be held accountable to train more regularly during the week.

The greatest feeling was seeing everyone cross the finish line. It was a great day for a run and it was a great day to be with family. We did it!



A Family Affair

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    1. avatar Carissa says:

      Hey Dawn, if you guys do this again next year I’d like to join!! 🙂


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A Family Affair

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