Move Your Body

November 23, 2011 in Dancing, Exercise

Sometimes the only activity we can fit in at the end of a long day is dancing around with our 3 year old. It’s a fun way to spend time as a family and get the kids (and us!) moving. We usually just do random silly dancing but here’s a video of one of our more coordinated efforts. Malaya likes to instruct me on my dancing (justifiably so, as I butcher some of the dance moves).

The song and dance is called ‘Move Your Body’ by Beyonce and was produced in support of the ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign spearheaded by U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama, to fight childhood obesity. What do you or your kids like to dance to? Let us know, and we’ll give it a try.

Here’s the official music video featuring Beyonce.

Here’s the ‘Let’s Move!’ dance tutorial video distributed to schools participating in the program.

Move Your Body


    1. avatar Ashley L. says:

      love it! love it!

      • avatar Dawn says:

        Thanks for visiting Ashley! Hope you and your gorgeous boys are keeping well. I’m sure they all keep you very active, to say the least 🙂

    2. avatar Michelle M says:

      Malaya is such a good dancer! Good job mommy and daddy!

    3. avatar Nick says:

      Luuuuuuuvvit!! Dawn, cutest thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Your family is tooo cool for school. Keep on having fun guys.

      • avatar Dawn says:

        Thank you Nick! And thanks for popping by. I’m sure you’re keeping fit, as always 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve attempted those pull-up pyramids you used to make us do. My lats hurt just thinking about them. I should add that on my “to-do” list. Hope you and yours are doing well. Cheers!

    4. avatar Reg says:

      LOVE IT!! Great dancing! Malaya needs to enter one of those contests at the Richmond malls LOL. K and I like to dance to Justin Bieber and LMFAO.

    5. avatar Sherm says:

      Lol nice moves Malaya!


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Move Your Body

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