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First Run @ 35

April 18, 2014 in Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Running

My first run as a 35-year-old. Feeling great!

Garmin Connect Image

“You don’t stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.” – Christopher McDougall, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.


Diez Vistas

July 24, 2013 in Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Running

Viewpoint looking west at Indian Arm

One of the viewpoints on the Diez Vistas trail at Buntzen Lake.

For a challenging day hike, try the Diez Vistas trail at Buntzen Lake in the Tri-Cities area for some spectacular views of the Indian Arm and Metro Vancouver. There are many viewpoints along this trail (10 views = Diez Vistas) that make this hike worthwhile. Some of the viewpoints are now obstructed by the growth of the trees along the trail. The viewpoints that are unobstructed are also great places to stop for a break and to take in the scenery and serenity.

Starting from the trail head at the Buntzen Lake lower parking lot, I did this hike in about 4.5 hours with a few stops, rest breaks, and running sprints along the way. The trail is very well marked, clean, and quiet (I went on a weekday so I’m not sure what it’s like on the weekends). It’s a challenging ascent to the viewpoints with plenty of switchbacks and a lot variety in terrain (big rocks, tree stumps. logs, dirt, you name it). The descent can be strenuous but if you take your time and take plenty of breaks, it can be very enjoyable; plus you are rewarded at the bottom by hitting Buntzen Lake’s quiet and picturesque North Beach where you can take a dip in the lake and chill out on a hot summer day.

This was my first time hiking this particular trail and I would definitely do it again. If you like trail running, I think this would be a great trail to run which I hope to come back to do one day. Also, if you pack your beach towel and plenty of water and snacks, you can spend the latter half of the hike just hanging out and relaxing at Buntzen Lake’s North Beach.

It’s about a 15km hike in total with unforgettable views of the Indian Arm, Deep Cove, and looking farther west out to Vancouver’s downtown. You can go here to read more about the trail and directions on how to get there.

Happy hiking!




June 10, 2013 in biking, Events, Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Parenthood, Race, Running

We participated in the SunRype TriKids Triathlon this past weekend with Malaya swimming, biking, and running to a successful finish. The experience was fantastic and very memorable. Words can not describe how proud we are of our 4 year old daughter for the effort she put forth. We could also tell that Malaya felt a sense of accomplishment for her hard work and it was so heartwarming to witness. She didn’t say it but you could see it and feel it in the energy she was emitting after the race. The most gratifying part of the event for Dawn and I was not watching Malaya swim, bike, or run, it was seeing the smile on her face at the end. For her to feel good about herself for accomplishing something she worked so hard for was the ultimate prize. It didn’t matter if she was the fastest, or if she came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last in this race; there was none of that kind of win-at-all-cost competitiveness at this event, at least not from our perspective. Our experience with this race was such that the focus was on each kid doing their best and having fun. Mission accomplished.

At the end of the day, when you ask Malaya how it was, she says it was fun. Which part was the most fun? “All of it!” Here’s a short video of Malaya’s experience in her first ever triathlon.

We have to give credit to the organizers of this event for creating a safe race environment for all the athletes and spectators. The event was so well organized, from registration, to pre-race orientation, race package pick-up, and race day execution. These guys did a terrific job and it has been one of the best organized events we’ve taken part in.

For more info on the SunRype TriKids Triathlon Series, visit their website and check out any upcoming races in your area.


Love You Long Weekend

April 11, 2013 in biking, Events, Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Running

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two weeks since Easter has come and gone. Where does the time go? Our Easter weekend was mostly spent outdoors thanks to the warm and sunny weather we received over the long weekend. Haven’t had much time to post on the blog so I’m a bit late with this post. Here’s a quick recap of some of the activities we got up to.

1. Hanging out at the park. One of our favourite parks to hang out at is Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. At Rocky Point Park you’ll find beautiful scenery (views of the water and mountains), a fun but often very busy playground for kids, a water park, running/biking trails, plenty of open green space, a pier, boat launch, kayak/canoe rentals, the Boathouse restaurant, Pajo’s Fish & Chips, washrooms, lots of kids and families, outdoor swimming pool, skate park, and an ice cream shop that also offers ice cream for dogs (never tried this). Parking can be hard to find as the park can get busy during peak periods but parents often tough it out because it’s pretty much like kid heaven here.


2. Good run on Good Friday. The kids weren’t the only ones that got to run around. Here are my run stats for the day. If you’re using Nike+, feel free to add me.

nikeplus-nike-com Picture 2


3. Celebrated our friend Valentina’s 2nd Birthday! Lots of eats, lots of treats, and lots more running around.

Valentina's B-day Party

Photo credit: Nadia

4. Easter Egg Hunt x 2. The girls were very fortunate to have two Easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday. We set up a small indoor egg hunt for them at home first thing on Sunday morning and then they had another outdoor hunt set up for them by their aunts and cousins later in the afternoon.

easter egg hunt

5. Burnaby Mountain Bike Ride. I took my mountain bike up Burnaby Mountain/SFU for the first time with my buddy Leo for a quick Easter Monday morning ride. The easy part was going up. The hard part was going down but it was also much more fun! Check out some of the video footage I captured of our ride that day.


We were lucky to have such great weekend. I wish they could all be like that. It was sunny, we were outside, with friends & family, doing the things we love to do.

Until next time. Keep movin’!




My little social experiment: Vancouver is not friendly.

February 8, 2013 in Exercise, Outdoor Activity, Running

As a runner, I consider myself a waver and after reading this article on, I was interested in finding out just how wave-friendly Vancouver’s runners are. I decided to conduct my own little social experiment during one of my after-work, afternoon runs and was rather surprised by my findings.

Okay, so this isn’t scientific by any means and the sample size is rather small but just hear me out.

It’s three-thirty in the afternoon on a cool, sunny Vancouver day. I’m within the first kilometer of my 6km run along a very popular running route when I come across my first encounter with another runner coming towards me. It’s a pleasant day and happy I am to see a fellow runner, I decide to give a friendly runner’s wave as we cross paths. She was looking but looked away as soon as we made eye-contact. D-nied!, I thought to myself, a little hurt. Instead of wallowing in my sorrows, I thought I’d have a little fun with this and continue waving to other oncoming runners during the rest of my run to see how many friendly waves I’d get in return. And by waves, I would include nods, smiles, or any sign of acknowledging my presence by other runners.

Date: Thursday, February 7th, 2013
Time: 3:30pm
Route: 6km along the south False Creek Seawall in Vancouver, B.C. (just west of Granville Island to just east of Science World)
Weather: Mainly sunny with some clouds.

my run route along the south false creek seawall

Total runners encountered: 25

Wavers: 4, or 16%
Non-wavers: 21 ,or 84%

Of the 4 that waved, 1 was female, 3 were males and of those 3 males, 2 were senior citizens.

The 21 non-wavers included 7 that were running in a group, 2 made direct eye-contact with me but diverted their gaze right away, 2 others made eye contact and just looked at me funny as I waved and ran past them, and the rest didn’t attempt to make eye contact of any sort and were either looking straight ahead, to the ground, or at the surrounding scenery.

In conclusion, I gather from this one time experiment that the vast majority of Vancouver runners are non-wavers.

I’m looking forward to my run in the suburbs this weekend where I usually find myself on the receiving end of a runner’s wave which I am more than happy to reciprocate!

Happy running 🙂